Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Veggie feast

I finally harvested and cooked all my spinach and kai lan for dinner tonight. I kept waiting for my spinach to grow taller without realising that they belong to the dwarf variety and have already reached maturity. How did I find out?

Spinach and spring onion from my garden.

The stalks were stiff and there were lots of flowers growing along the stem. I tossed the leaves in a soup and discarded the stems. The good news is the leaves were nice and tender after cooking.

See the little spiky flowers?

The kai lan exceeded my expectations. I had never tasted such crisp and crunchy kai lan stems all my life. The ones you get from the market tend to be tough and chewy but these snap and crunch with every bite, I enjoyed this dish thoroughly!

YK thinks it is slightly bitter but I think it is a nice kind of bitter, just like how kai lan should taste.

Kai lan cooked with garlic and oyster sauce.

I'm happy with my harvest. I wish I had planted more.

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