Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pick & sow

I must get used to the fact that I have vegetables growing in my garden. I bought some spring onions from the market yesterday and then kicked myself when I got home. What was I thinking? I have my own spring onions growing in the patio!

One thing I did was held back the purchase of leafy vegetables because I could pick my chye sim, spinach, kang kong and kai lan anytime now.

Now that my radishes are ready for picking, I'll have to think of many ways to cook them before the kids get sick of drinking radish soup.

On hindsight, I should have planted more because everything I have in the garden is not even enough to last me one week. It's time to sow new seeds.


  1. How about making some shun kuey? use stredded radish instead of shun.

  2. haha...should be shredded radish. :p

  3. Thanks huier. I have made radish cake before using store bought radish. I think I will make more redish cake and find out how to make soon kuey too!