Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Veggies

Yesterday I did a major cleanup of my garden after the neighbour below complained that our vines are creeping into his territory. I blame it partially on the huge amount of rainfall we've been getting. It has been raining every afternoon for more than a month already. Everything is growing at a high speed and the vines are grasping and twining all over the other plants, I had a hard time manoeuvring in my patio.

The garden looks tidier now. I'm not sowing any seeds until the weather improves. Here are some photos of vegetables I took during my week in Korea.
This is one of the few vegetables that can tolerate the freezing temperate in Korea. It was -14 degree celcius that day.

The ornamental kale is grown along the streets as a decorative plant. These tolerate the cold very well.
The temperature in Busan is milder at around -6 degree Celcius and I was surprised to see lettuce growing in someone's backyard.