Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tomato seedlings

The tomato seedlings are getting bigger and over crowded but I'm quite reluctant to transplant them. Firstly, they are very delicate and might not survive the transplant. Secondly, they tend to attract pests and I'm happy they are in an isolated part of my garden so they can't spread disease around. Besides, they thrive in this cool part of the patio. I should just leave them alone.

Herb update

If you have the same idea of buying small potted herbs from the supermarket and growing them in your garden, let me show you which will do well in our tropical climate.

It has been 2 weeks since I planted 4 varieties. Of the four, the majoram is the fastest grower.

The french tarragon is doing well too, but it is a messy grower.

The sage is doing wonderfully. In Italy, they batter and deep fry the sage leaves as a snack. I could try this one day.

The sweet basil simply cannot survive in the weather. The tender purple leaves just melt away in the heat. Luckily I used some for my salad before they disappear.