Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cabbage head troubles

My first attempt at growing cabbage has turned out to be quite a success. The heads are already forming and they look gorgeous.

But when I went to take a peek at them yesterday, my heart almost broke into two. Two heads were infested and nibbled. There were thousands of tiny green eggs inside. I'm not sure what bug they belong to but I doused the heads with plenty of water and then smeared minced garlic all over to prevent future infestation. Not sure if this will work though.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lemon balm surprise

Look at the lemon balm! You wouldn't believe they were almost dead and bald just 2 months ago. I saved them from the trash bin and plonked them in a large pot in a corner of my patio.

They continued to look miserable for weeks. I almost gave up on them and even stopped looking that way. Then yesterday, I was shocked to see how lush they have become! The rainy weather must have done wonders to the dying plants. I'm so thrilled that they're doing so well.

If you have never grown lemon balm before, you're really missing out. The leaves, when rubbed, smell zesty and so refreshing, just like a lemon. If you're wondering what you can do with the leaves, this blogger has all the answers for you - 12 things to do with lemon balm.