Thursday, May 10, 2012

Latest obsession

Lately I have been quite obsessed with growing baby vegetables, from pea shoots to sunflower and other vegetables.

This is a plate of sunflower sprouts. I used some in my salad and the rest was stir-fried. The taste of sunflower sprouts is amazing - crunchy and succulent with a hint of sunflower seed.

The good thing about growing baby greens is the short harvest time. You also do not need a lot of space to grow them. They do well indoors and outdoors, so they're perfect for apartment dwellers.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My father's garden

My father doesn't do things by half measures. Even for a backyard gardener, his little farm is showroom perfect. Before he grows anything, he will spend days preparing the patch, from building raised beds to conditioning the soil. That is the reason why his crops are always so lush and bountiful.

Each time I visit, I find new crops growing in his garden. There are rows and rows of Thai Basil as usual. Some yam plants and sunflowers managed to sneak in there as well.
 A large vine (pumpkin or some kind of squash) is sprawling over the pond enclosure.
 He's growing lady's fingers and brinjal too.