Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's something about...

There's something about homegrown veggies that keeps them irresistably fresh even after more than a week in the fridge.

Before I started growing my own vegetables, I would get my supply from the local wet market or supermarket. When I get home, I would wrap them up carefully and store them away in the fridge's vegetable compartment. The vegetables will start to go limp and yellow after 2 or 3 days. If I don't cook them within 4 days, chances of them ending up in the bin is very high.

Recently I harvested the last of my chye sim vegetables from the patio, washed them and stored them away casually in the fridge and forgot all about them. After languishing in there for more than a week, they still looked fresh and crispy when I took them out this morning. The delicate white lettuce that I picked a week ago are still perky and crisp too.

Wow, this is beyond my expectations. This really sets me thinking about what chemicals have been put into the commercially grown vegetables that make them so inferior.

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