Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A fig

When I was at World Farm yesterday, the lady at the counter gave me a fig grown at their nursery. Now I have tasted really sweet fresh figs in a restaurant in Provence and seen them at the markets in Paris but a big red fig grown in Singapore? This, I must try.

The flesh is a little sappy and not as sweet and succulent as their European cousins, but overall, the taste is quite pleasant. Quite like guava actually.

*15 minutes later* Eh, now my tongue feels funny. Abit itchy. :-P


  1. Oh .. I have eaten a lot of these when I was in Spain. Itchy? I did not get that. Figs are supposed to be very nutritious you know :-)

  2. They're ubiquitous in mediterranian areas. I eat alot of the dried ones here.I love them! I think the one I ate yesterday is a different type. Not so sweet or juicy and has sap around the top.