Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Olive tree

When I was in Tuscany 3 years ago, I visited an olive farm. I was intrigued after reading about how Frances Mayes, the author of Under The Tuscan Sun, harvested her olives and brought them to a local facility to press them into olive oil.

Here is a photo of some olive trees. The leaves of an olive tree are somewhat silvery. According to the plantation owner, one healthy tree can only produce a bottle of virgin olive oil a year. Now you know why it is not cheap!

Olive trees in the background.

You'll be surprised to know that olive trees can be grown in Singapore too. My friend has one in her yard. I'm not sure what specie this is but it is always producing olives. In fact, so much that they don't know what to do with them!

My friend's olive tree.