Thursday, February 19, 2009

Patio garden update

I have been moving things around my garden the past few days. I've fertilised my tomato plants and moved them to sunny spots. I guess there is nothing much to write about. It's better I show you some photos.

Oops, this is not a plant but a Harlequin Shrimp from YK's marine tank. Somehow it was in my camera. Isn't it pretty?

Now, here are some one of my tomato plants. The one in the middle is my favourite because it's the sturdiest and healthiest looking.

I've finally transferred the badly neglected brinjal seedlings into bigger pots. This one here is growing slowly but steadily.

I'm doing yet another experiment. This time I'm planting vegetables in black bags to see how well they'll grow. I've just sowed the seeds today. It'll be weeks before they mature but I've learned to be more patient.

Finally, here is a chilli padi plant grown from a seed of another plant in my garden.


  1. Nice to see how it's all coming along.
    Good luck with the experiment.
    I must admit I saw the shrimp and thought, "Surely she didn't find that in the garden!"

  2. Heh, wouldn't it be wonderful to have pretty little creatures living in my garden?