Wednesday, February 11, 2009

All over again

I woke up to the sound of rain at 5am this morning. It's a welcome relief after weeks of scorching heat. I must have picked the worst time to grow vegetables because they're such water guzzlers that love wet weather. Imagine how much more succulent and tasty they would have been if not for the dry weather.

Save for the lettuce, my vegetable patch is now bare after my harvest. Now I recall my well-meaning friend 's (at World Farm) advice to sow every few days for a constant supply of veggies. A new crop takes about 6 weeks to mature. That means I'll be buying vegetables for the next month or two.

After tasting the fruits of my labour, I don't think I'll ever enjoy buying leafy vegetables from the market anymore. I'm sick of tossing out limp and yellowed vegetables from my fridge. Store bought vegetables don't keep very well.

It has become a habit to walk to the patio with a pair of scissors to snip off some vegetables when I'm cooking noodles or soup. It's a new lifestyle that I really love.

I had better start sowing seeds this afternoon instead of moaning and pining for crisp and crunchy vegetables.

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  1. i adore your new lifestyle! healthy, fussfree n economical...tks for sharing , Ting! =)