Thursday, February 5, 2009

Important milestone

My vegetables have reached an important milestone. They're about 7 weeks (47 days) old. Why is this important? Because most common vegetables take about this long to mature. Let's see if my plants are ready to be harvested.

The tomato plants have grown quite alot recently but I doubt they will start to produce fruits in another couple of weeks. The estimated time for them to mature is 60 days. Mine are a bit slow.
Add ImageChye sim and spinach are supposed to be fast growers and can be harvested in 25 to 30 days. Mine look ready for eating now. I've been warned by the seed distributor that the spinach will be rather small. Indeed, they are pretty stunted.

Kai Lan takes about 45 days and these look like they're right on track. Well done!

Kang kong is the fastest grower and easiest to care for. They were supposed to be cooked several weeks ago (when they're 30 days old) but look at how skinny they are.

My lettuce is also growing slowly. The guide book says they should be fully grown in 40 days but some are still rather small. They are ready for eating now. Well, I just ate some yesterday.

Radish can be harvested in 50 days. I think mine are asking to be harvested because the leaves are turning yellow and the radish are sticking out of the soil. I think I'll pull them out this weekend.


  1. Another W00t! for the really good growing of your veggies. =D

  2. Thank you :-)
    Planting veggies is really rewarding you know!

  3. Yups! I fully agree! ;D

    Now, to wait for my veggies to mature. Hee hee.