Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Casey!

While I was at World Farm this morning, I saw a person who looked vaguely familiar. Indeed, my suspicions were correct. I bumped into my reader Casey of Plant Stories.

I was so excited that when I walked up to introduce myself, I uttered, "Hi, I'm TT!! Err, (aka) Blur Ting..."

She looked a little puzzled at first. When I left World Farm, I realised I should have told her I'm Ms Green Fingers!

Ah, this is a case of having too many blog identities!


  1. Hi TT! I recognized you! XD I guess it was because Mr. Lee was talking and talking so I was like, "Uh...uh huh..." LOL.

    Was really nice meeting you in person. Maybe we can have a chat some time. =D


  2. Yah, such a coincidence to meet at our favourite hangout! Mr Lee was so kind. We went around picking baskets for planting vegetables. I am becoming a karang guni girl!

  3. Whoa. Hee. He's a really friendly guy. Exchanged numbers with him because he was surprised I horse-rode and wanted to try too, though he already has a friend at the Saddle Club.

    Do take pictures of your baskets. They must be really pretty. =D