Thursday, February 5, 2009

Budding stars

I sowed some periwinkle seeds recently. The seeds were picked from the development's garden. I had been eyeing on them for weeks and would check on them whenever I walked Rusty. When the pods ripened, I brought one home. I'm not greedy. I left the rest for other residents to pick but I doubt anyone else is interested.

Here's what they look like now after several weeks. It looks overcrowded, so I've got to transfer some out soon.

My potato is growing healthily. The heavy rain has washed away some of the soil cover, leaving the roots exposed. I've got to top up soil this weekend.


  1. Oh hey, I'm not sure if you know this, but a word of caution (as I was cautioned by others). The potato is from the nightshade family, and only the tubers can be eaten.

    What's worrying slightly is that the tuber is now exposed to air. If the tuber becomes green, it means that it has become poisonous and shouldn't be eaten.

    Yup. Just an FYI. I grew a potato too and was many times cautioned against exposure to the air once they are in the soil.

    Hope it helps. =)

  2. And oh, may I ask which area you live in? HDB or condo?

    I am looking to buy a house within this or next year, and like all gardeners, I want a place to plant my stuff. Envious with your patio. XD

  3. Thanks for your advice. I read about the potatoes turning green too.I think they refer to the new potatoes growing underneath, which means I have to keep topping up soil as the plant grows.

    I live in a condo in Tanamerah area with a big patio. I fell in love with the patio when I saw it. It's bigger than the living room!

  4. Aha. I thought so. There goes my dream of having a patio with HDB. >.< LOL.