Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where is the sun?

I finally potted my lemon grass yesterday afternoon. They were rooting so beautifully in water, I hope they will continue to progress well in soil. Some of them don't look so good this morning. The green young shoots have turned brownish, I had to curb the urge to pull them out from the soil to check on the roots.

The recent demise of my tomato and brinjal plants must be making me paranoid. Edible plants that used to thrive in the sunny patio no longer grow well now. The patio that used to enjoy many hours of sunshine is now always in the shadow cast by the tall apartment block. I've come to realise that the sun-lit area is constantly shifting with the sun and earth's movements.

As a result, seeds refuse to germinate and my vegetable seedlings remain stunted in the water-logged soil. I threw away the failures and tried to improve on the soil. Still, I know that working with soggy soil isn't going to yield very good results. I'm tempted to throw them away but for now, I just leave them in the corner to sulk.

As if not having enough sun is not bad enough, last night I woke up to strong winds and another heavy downpour. The big fat raindrops caused the soil to splatter out from the pots and made a mess in the patio. Thank goodness I had protected my young watercress seedlings with clingwrap film earlier or the delicate seedlings will face a certain death.

Looking around, I'm not the only one having a miserable time in the garden. Some of my friends are struggling with pests. Well, I am too. It's like wintertime in our garden. While we do not have to deal with frost and the biting cold, we have other problems to tackle.

I hope it's spring time in everyone's garden again. For me, I want my patio to be sunny again!


  1. i is rooting for the both of u! i mean sunning. *WIDE GRIN*

  2. Petunia - I know you have your nasty pest problem too.

  3. Fry - Yes, we need more sun. No wait. I need the earth to revolve more so that my garden don't get sun-blocked again!

  4. You are all suffering with lack of sunshine. But over here in Subang Jaya (Klang Valley), we are suffering from scorching sun!! My plants are having heat stroke!! How can we balance both weather and have the best of both world?