Friday, May 8, 2009

My soy beans

I had forgotten all about my soy bean plants in the garden. They were sown together with the cucumber seeds but were quickly overtaken by the more prolific grower (cucumber) until they were totally hidden from my view.

While puttering about in the garden today, I found them getting strangled by the cucumber plant's tendrils. Upon closer look, I saw small clusters of hairy soy bean pods! I feel so bad for neglecting them.

I set them free and moved the pot away from the aggressive neighbour. That's the danger of putting the plants too close together.

Seeing the pods makes me wished I had sown more seeds. With only 3 soy bean plants, I can only yield a tiny handful of beans. It's not even enough for me to snack on. That's the trouble with having a small garden, I always end up with a measly harvest. My lady's finger plants only gave me a total of 3 fruits so I let them mature on the plant so I could keep the seeds. Looks like this will be the case with the soy beans too.


  1. hey, where did you get your soy bean seeds from? i'll like to have some.

    could you email me at

    thanks :D

  2. Hello,

    I'm also interested in planting soy beans - living in Cambodia I'm finding it hard to get seeds. Did you use soy beans as seads or something else?

    Loving your blog, its inspiring me to add to my tiny tropical garden!