Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Five years ago, I was very excited when YK's tutor gave me a cutting of a Bauhinia kockiana. I had envisioned clusters of attractive flowers cascading down the trellis. The trouble is, it's such a slow growing plant, I watched it grow so slowly through the years while looking longingly at the magnificent blooms in other people's garden.

Funny thing is, the plant started to flower profusely after we moved out almost a year ago. It has now crept up the tall dracaena plant, smothering it with dazzling flowers. The bright yellow alamanda adds to the riot of colours.

Now that nobody's really tending to the garden, the plants are unkempt and unruly, yet so beautiful in their own way.


  1. The most breathtaking sights to the human eyes are the untamed ones. The Kalahari desert, the Northern lights, the mists of Guilin, unspoiled New Zealand... a 16 year old daughter with no make-up on... a sleeping baby

  2. petunialee,

    hehehehe....i was starting to think how "breathtaking" you actually meant by "16 year old daughter with no make-up on"......

    *hands cover mouth + chuckle*