Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New projects

I built a herb terrarium yesterday using a 2ft tank that used to house SK's hermit crabs. Somehow, the 3 hermit crabs have mysteriously disappeared. Seeing a lifeless tank taking up a third of his study table makes me very unhappy.

It's already filled with a layer of fine white sand. I added in some charcoal chips and topped with few inches of light potting soil. I sowed some coriander, watercress and rosemary seeds, sprinkled some water and covered the tank with a transparent lid.

That's all to it. When the seeds sprout, the plants will transpire and let out water vapour. Water will be locked inside to keep the soil moist. Vapour that's collect against the top will fall back as rain. I have placed it in a shady corner of my patio. It should be almost maintenance free from now on.

I'm also starting a recycling project. This idea came about after I find myself running out of flower pots (again). Instead of running out to buy new ones, I'm going to recycle tin cans. We go through a couple of canned straw/button mushrooms a week. Simply punch some holes at the bottom for drainage and they become instant flowerpots. Now, I just have to start collecting cans.

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