Saturday, August 25, 2012

Snails be gone

I've just written about my edamame beans yesterday and now most of the seedlings are dead. The snails came out of hiding in the night and chewed up the young stems and leaves. I thought the seedlings are no longer attractive to the snails, but I was wrong.

 Until now, I've never used any form of insecticides or chemicals in my garden but today I went out and bought pellets that exterminate snails. I am still hesitant to use as I don't like killing insects, not even ants.

I'm planning to build a little netted enclosure to house my seedlings but in case that still doesn't keep the snails out, I'm afraid I'll have to brandish the snail pellets. Argh!


  1. Diatomaceous Earth is a much safer alternative for controlling snails.

  2. you can try scattering some egg shells around the pots to deter snails as the shells will cut them!

  3. Good suggestion! WHy didn't I think of that. Now they are all dead but if they come back again, I'll use egg shells and coffee grounds.