Sunday, August 26, 2012

'Like' Easigarden

If you have a facebook account, please go and 'like' Easigarden for interesting vegetable starter kits and growing tips.


  1. Hello, we just settled in singapore and I am very glad to find your blog as my son is a passionate gardener and you give plenty of useful informations!
    He would like to grow his own vegetables also here but we have not been able yet to find a shop where to buy square- garden-boxes. Do you know where we could go to buy them? Thanks for your attention! Have a nice day.

  2. Dear Laurence
    I assume he's looking for large garden boxes? He can try the shops along Upper Thomson Road to see if there is something suitable. There are many shops to pick from - Far East Flora, Fun's Florist, Hawaii, Candy, Goodwood etc. If he's looking for raised garden beds, I don't think that is available here. He might have to construct himself.