Friday, August 10, 2012


I have finally gotten round to sowing the seeds. It's as simple as sprinkling the seeds on soil but to ensure they grow properly, I mix the soil with compost and vermiculite for better drainage. I've sown rocket, baby radish and carrot in an area which receives some filtered sunlight in the morning. It's probably the ideal condition for these varieties to thrive.

I've never had trouble with any seeds germinating. The only problem is if the climate is not right, they don't grow up properly. This is the first time I am growing carrots because I was encouraged by Michael, an expat reader who is growing them in Singapore. I've picked this variety from Japan that should thrive in warmer climate. We'll see.
Carrot seedlings.
I've also sowed some baby red radish. These fellas grow up fast and are easy to care for. In fact, radish is one of the best plants to grow. The seedlings are delicious in salads and if you grow them in a deep pot or in the ground, you can harvest radish in under 2 months. Some people eat the leaves too.
Red radish seedlings. Note that the bottom half of the stem is red. A round radish will eventually develop near the root.
The rocket seeds from Italy are so fresh, germination rate is extremely high, probably 100%. My family loves rocket salad so much, I have two planters worth of seedlings growing in the patio.

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