Sunday, July 18, 2010

A secret

Since I'm feeling so generous today, I shall share a little secret with you. I bring my son to the fish farm every weekend. This is the place where he gets his supply of fish and aquatic plants for his aquarium.

I usually sit in the car while he shops. Today, I decided to venture out and snoop around to see what the fascination is about. I have no interest in fish, naturally I gravitated towards the aquatic plant section.

Lo and behold! A huge array of lush aquatic plants beckoned. They look just like what I would grow in my garden and they're alot cheaper here. These (below) only cost S$1 each. All I did was put them into a pot of soil when I got home.

Years ago, I planted a small and sickly aquatic plant (discarded by my son) in my garden and it grew into a huge and attractive bush. So I'm convinced that these two new plants will adapt and grow quickly in my patio too.

Just look at how rapidly these 'weeds' (below) have multiplied.

The ones in the foreground are aquatic plants tossed out by my son today. Once they're in my hands, they become non-aquatic plants.

In future, you may want to try sourcing for plants from the fish shop. You'll save yourself some money and end up with exotic plants in your garden too.


  1. Those are really beautiful plants and that is a good idea and aquatic plants are pretty darn cool. I think the look spectacular.

  2. wow! Aquatic plants on ground? creative idea!

  3. Emm, I went home and found them very withered. Maybe the transition (from water to soil) is too sudden. I gave plenty of water and moved them to a spot under some plants. Hope they can make it.