Saturday, July 17, 2010

The secret gardener

I volunteer at a school garden every Wednesday afternoon. For about 2 hours, the kids and I will sow seeds, pull weeds, grow things and water plants. Time flies so quickly, I have very little time to do more work. Sometimes I go back during the weekend to do fertilising or mulching.

There is a patch of land in the school yard that we've been planning to convert into a vegetable garden. Trouble is, the gound is so compact, it is almost impossible to dig any holes on a normal day.

When it rained for 6 hours this morning, I knew I had to get to the school quickly to plough the land. True enough, the ground was soft and wet when I arrived.

Using a small chungko (digging tool), I started making furrows from the flat piece of land. This cat appeared from nowhere and followed me around while I worked.

After an hour or so, I created four long and narrow beds. Then I added compost to enrich the soil.

I transplanted kang kong vegetable seedlings sowed by the kids a week ago onto one bed.

The second bed was reserved for lady's finger seedlings.

Finally, I grew lemon grass on the last two beds.

I also planted pandan around the garden.

It was such a productive afternoon. The teachers and kids will be surprised when they walk into the garden on Monday.


  1. Wow. You are just amazing Ting! I am really amazed at your energy and efficiency!

  2. Dear Ting,

    What a great way to spread the joy of gardening by sharing your time, knowledge and effort with the school children! That's a good way to cultivate the love of gardening among the young ones too. Keep up the good work.

  3. OKC - Aching all over today :-)

  4. JC - While the kids enjoy gardening, there is more to making a garden thrive than just sowing seeds and watering. So I try to keep the garden growing well so that they feel encouraged.

  5. Wow! And you did all these all by yourself!!! *Super impressed*

  6. Wen ai- the area is not that big actually.

  7. Thumb up to you! the kids going to be very happy