Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few good buys

It's the last day of the Garden Festival. When I was there to bring my coleus home, I chanced upon some really good buys from the garden shops.

The entire patch of thai basil in the school yard was so badly infected over the school holidays, we removed them completely. The boy who helped to plant them was almost in tears. I promised him we'll grow new ones again. So when I saw the basil plants on offer, I quickly grabbed one. This will be transplanted into the school ground next week.

Rusty seems to like the smell of basil.

We have intention to grow more rosemary plants in the school garden. Even though I was planning to bring some cuttings from my bush, I went ahead and bought these 2 young ones anyway. At least these are already established and growing well. It's not that easy to grow rosemary from stem cuttings.

I also bought some herbs for my own patio garden. Here's Rusty (again), checking out my new stevia plant.

He likes the laksa plant (Vietnamese Coriander, Polygonum odoratum) as well. The leaves will come in useful when I cook laksa.

Finally I have a kaffir lime plant in my garden. They leaves are great for tom yum soup.

This purple petunia was too gorgeous to resist. It's really pretty, though not that photogenic. It joins the other petunia growing on my window sill.


  1. Oh.. all my basils have died too.. I wished I had gone to Garden Fest.. (kicking myself now..)

  2. Basils do not have a long lifespan, so we have to keep growing new ones for a constant supply.

  3. Hello! Was at the garden fest yesterday too! Was hoping to get some good bargains! Got some air plants and a pot of pepperomia for $2 in the end!