Saturday, July 3, 2010

For newbies

If you're new vegetable growing and wish to see quick results, I strongly recommend planting sweet potato vines. They do well in both shady or sunny locations. The leaves are so pretty and lush, yet they taste wonderful stir-fried.

The best part is, they almost cost nothing. If you buy this vegetable from the market, choose the ones that come with stem. Use the leaves for cooking and poke the stems into soil.

I just planted some today. They may look limp but they'll come alive after a day or two. Just make sure you keep the soil moist. I can assure you that you'll have plenty of sweet potato leaves in no time.


  1. Are your sweet potato plants sharing a home with the pandan? That's what I call optimum use of space.

  2. Yes. That pandan is an offshoot of a bigger pandan, so I cut it out and planted separately. It is only beginning to come alive.

    Space is so lacking in a patio garden that I make use of all available space I can find!

  3. Does the vine produce sweet potato? I'm new to sweet potato actually... ;-))

  4. This particular one does not. I grow the leaves for eating.