Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lipstick plant

It's not called the lipstick plant for nothing. Just look at the racy red lipstick emerging from the tube-like calyx.

Woo hoo, I'm going to have so many lipsticks in my garden soon. Definitely, more than all the lipsticks put together in my cosmetic bag.


  1. What a unique plant! The blooms really resemble lipsticks!

    Ting, on your question pertaining to mulberry that you asked on my blog, do trim your mulberry plants. Then feed it with fertilizer. With each trimming, your plant will bear many fruits. All the best!

  2. Yes, I trim constantly and fertilise too. There are lots of tiny fruits but I'm not sure if they will become big like before. Let's wait and see.

  3. Ha ha of course... you don't need so many lipsticks ;-D Your plant is looking good. I must say that you chose a nice colour also. Now I am getting more and more interested in this plant he he...