Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lime butterfly

YK shot a picture of a newly hatched lime butterfly in my garden.

While I love to see this beautiful butterfly flitting about in my garden, I dread the day it lays its eggs on my lime plant. Once the eggs hatch, the hungry caterpillars will devour all the leaves within days.


  1. That's the most dreaded moment! i have seen 50 - 60 newly hatched catterpillar on my vines! I chop the leaves and throw away....phew.....!

  2. Wow, good move. They can destroy the plant overnight!

  3. I did the same as Malar. When I sighted caterpillars on my Adenium or lime plants, I will just remove the plants together with the caterpillars and threw them away. I hope I am not killing them ~ there'd be karmic effect on me if I do.