Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colourful additions

The trouble with my patio is, it doesn't get any direct sunlight at all for at least 6 months. That's when all the flowering plants like lantana, plumago and portalucca go into slumber. I'm actually getting bored with the lack of colours, so I ran out and got myself some colourful plants.

I've always loved petunias and I'm surprised that I haven't bought any until now. When it comes to petunias, placing them in the right location is so important. I couldn't find a suitable place for it in my patio, so it's now hanging outside my bedroom window. It's perfect because I spend so much time in my room.

I found this beautiful miniature rose at Ikea the other day. There were plenty of bright red, yellow, orange and peach ones. For some reason, this pale yellow version caught my eye.

I know they don't thrive in our hot and humid climate. Over time, the branches will grow straggly and the flowers will become even smaller but let's just enjoy the pretty flowers for now.

I've placed it in the corner together with the newly acquired lipstick plant. The existing lipstick plant is no longer flowering because of our warm weather. According to the nursery, this new one (with plenty of new buds) is cultivated locally, so it should continue flowering for a long time.

I've also added two coleus to my leafy plant collection. The purple leaves certainly help to liven up the garden.

The balsam plants are doing very well. They're such easy growers, so much so that I got rid of 3 pots last week.


  1. We have lots of the lipstick plant at the nurseries here as well. I thought of getting one the other day.

    Love that petunia and coleus you have gotten to brighten up your home. And the blue is lovely :-D

    The rose, they get smaller? ha ha ha... mine smaller than a moss rose!

  2. I suspect the lipstick plants with gorgeous flowers come from Cameron Highlands. After they acclimatise, they simply stop flowering. I hope this one bred grown locally will fare better.

    Yes, same case with the roses. They look so luscious and compact when they first arrive but after sometime, they sort of go haywire.

  3. Your petunias are real hanging beauties. I love the vivid purple colour.

  4. I wish to have balsam in my garden! I seldom see this plant at the nearby nursery! It reminds me of my childhood. So many balsam in my parents house back then!

    Petunia is definitely a beauty queen!

  5. Autumn Bell - Thanks. I can't wait for them to start trailing down. That's when they're at their prettiest.

  6. Malar - Indeed! I don't see them around anymore, that's why I got so excited when I had the seeds. I sowed too much and they're such easy growers, I had to throw some away.

    I can mail you some seeds if you like. Send me your address via email.

  7. Ting!

    Thanks a lot. I will e-mail you now itself! ;-)