Monday, June 14, 2010

Just so you know

After I brought the pot of gorgeous miniature rose home, the leaves at the bottom started to turn yellow. A couple of flower buds also remained droopy and limp even with constant watering.

The water seems to drain out really quickly, too quickly for the plant to get hydrated. So I decided to transplant it into a bigger pot.

That was when I realised this small pot actually comprises three separate plants. They are squeezed together to give a compact and attractive appearance. The growing medium used is the lightweight and porous kind to make transportation easier and cheaper.

That explains why the plants started deteriorating the moment they got home. I have repotted them in 2 larger pots to give them more breathing space. I hope they will grow up into healthy rose bushes.

If you ever purchase these bushy miniature roses in future, do remember to repot them when you get home.


  1. Thanks for the knowledgeable information!

  2. I wouldn't have known if I didn't repot it. Anyway, the droopy one didn't make it. Now I have only 2 healthy ones.

  3. Yes, real cruelty to plants!
    What IS that amazing lipstick plant?