Thursday, October 1, 2009


I harvested my kang kong last night but they ended up in the trash instead of the wok. The underside of the leaves were infested with mealy bugs! I'm quite fed-up of this never-ending problem. I wonder if the soil is infected or because I have not taken any steps to keep the bugs under control. Whatever it is, it is plain discouraging to grow vegetables in my patio.


  1. :( oh dear.. but you r doing such a good job.. Thinking abt your watercress and other lovely plants make me green with envy.. (no pun intended.. heehee)

    I hate mealy bugs too... they r slow in moving but reproduce so fast!

  2. You can eat mealy buys, That's why they're called that!
    : )

  3. Oh, Ting, don't don't give up! You must not let the mealy bugs rule, yah!

    I hate mealy bugs too. I go around the garden busting them as they attack my lady fingers and roselle. I squashed many of them. But I do feel bad. However, I feel worst when I see my plants dead. So, it's a matter of the bugs or my plants survive! I choose my plants!

  4. Mealy bugs are attacking my YTT, mulberry and Roselle. It's so hard to get rid of them. *Sad*