Friday, October 9, 2009

Horrible snails!

Petunia's pissed off with one snail and I'm just fuming over a bunch of them. They eat up our favourite plants you see.

That one in her patio ate up all her chamomile seedlings. I can feel her pain. Chamomile is not the easiest plant to grow. I've had no success so far.

A whole family of snails has been feasting on my succulent bai cai. It just pisses me off to see them attacking my vegetables when there are so many other things they can eat in the garden.

At first I couldn't even find the sneaky culprits. They only started crawling out when I flooded the pot with water.

See how badly they've chewed up my bai cai! I put them in a can and threw them down the rubbish chute. They can go eat rubbish for the rest of their life for all I care!


  1. :( Poor u.. they looked like delicious bai cai...

  2. I am pissed off with a giant grasshopper. It's so huge that I daren't even go near it! Wish I could do just what you did, let it eat rubbish for the rest of its life! Ha ha ha...that's a terrible punishment! Imagine, if it happens to us human!