Saturday, October 24, 2009

So boomz!

Now that the patio is getting full blast of sun all day, which only happens during the last quarter of the year, the flowers are blooming again. I also find that it's also the best time to grow vegetables, except that I have to be very diligent in watering or they get dehydrated very quickly. It's not surprising to return home to limpy kangkong in the evenings. The good thing is they perk up after dousing with water. Vegetables that do not get enough water may turn out bitter when cooked.

I grew some of my favourite beans the other day. I'm not sure what they're called but the beans are big, round and speckled with pretty purple bits. They have sprouted already. Aren''t this cute?

The small rose plant is flowering again. I see another bud at the tip of the plant, so I'll be expecting another bloom soon. This is so Boomz!

I like how the basil plant is covered with purple flowers. To me, this is like my local version of lavender. I doubt I can grow lavender in our hot and humid climate, so I'll just be contented with a blooming basil.

The bees love them too. I often see them buzzing around the plant. Too bad I didn't manage to capture any in action today.


  1. That tiny bean plant is the cutest! Your rose is really beautiful. I don't mind seeing this rose again and again. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I wish blogs have this function of "Like" like Facebook has, when one is at a loss for words, or at risk at always repeating themselves of "Your plants look so good!"