Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fresh seeds

I like to think that a gardener is able to grow anything. I'm not saying I'm a good gardener but so far, most seeds that I have sown, even lychee and orange seeds, germinate into seedlings. The difficulty is getting them to grow and thrive in our tropical climate.

This year, I sowed two batches of coriander (cilantro) seeds and none of them germinated. Thinking that the first pack that I bought from the supermarket must have sat on the shelves for too long, I bought another batch from the seed wholesaler.

I tried all ways and means to grow them. I soaked some seeds in water and even crushed some lightly to break the tough layer of husk before sowing. Nothing worked.

It was puzzling because my friends scatter the seeds on the ground and they grow effortlessly. I thought maybe the conditions are not right at my house but a gardener doesn't give up so easily.

I begged my friend for some of her seeds (I didn't beg. She offered them happily.) and guess what? All the seeds that I've sown germinated in a week. It's too good to be true.

At this point, I believe the quality of seeds is very important. The ones that have been languishing on the shelves for too long will no longer germinate. For me, I prolong mine by keeping them in the refrigerator. They're still good even after one year.


  1. I had no luck growing coriender so far as well. Do you know where your friend got the seeds from?

  2. Hi Nicky
    Should be be from Ban Lee Huat.
    The first batch I bought from them didn't germinate either. Perhaps you may try to buy another batch from them.

  3. Hi Ting, I have been keeping my vegetable seeds out in the garden together with my tools. Oh no, I hope they will germinate when I sow them. I have also bought a packet of coriander seeds. But couldn't find space for them. It's better that I don't wait too long or else those seeds will go to waste.

  4. Hi Ting, I have found your blog by chance and it was a really good find. You have a very interesting blog! I was recently bitten by the gardening bug. Not as lucky as you to have such a big patio garden space, I only have a narrow HDB corridor. I am dreaming of having a herb garden outside. So far, I have pandan and ginger plants which are growing quite well. I am hoping to grow some other herbs as well. I have read that parsley is not an easy plant to grow. I have also read somewhere that we can grow parsley from a grown plant. Usually parsley that we buy from wet markets or supermarket comes with roots, just pluck off the older leaves and stalk, leaving the younger ones intact and plant it directly into the soil. I tried doing that, but it almost did not work… Reading your entry, I might want to try growing the plant from seeds.