Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a difference!

I borrowed CH's camera to take photos of my baby plants and woah, what a difference a good camera makes. I can never take such close-up shots using my camera.

See, my butterhead lettuce has finally sprouted!

The camera is able to capture a young carrot seed that had just germinated.
The cute little one below is my oriental xiao bai cai.

I even managed to capture this precious shot of a young kang kong seedling.

My vegetables look much more luscious through his lens.

Even Rusty looks more poised and handsome!

Finally, here's one showing my oriental lettuce. The frilly leaf is so pretty.

I love this camera. It's mine now. CH will have to beg to get it back from me!


  1. Hey, you're doing really well with the macros! =D

  2. Oh really? Thank you! Now the camera is really mine! ngiak ngiak ngiak!

  3. Laughs! And yeah, I think you've gotten the hang of macros pretty well. =)