Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning surprises

My potato plant finally died and I had to remove it from my garden. With great anticipation, I pulled the plant out expecting potatoes to come tumbling out. Sadly, I saw nothing but a bunch of roots. Suddenly I spotted one buried in the soil! Here it is...

Before you get as excited as me, let me show you how big the potato really is. It's not even the size of a quail egg. It's merely the size of a small almond. I must have broken a record today for producing the world's smallest spud!
While examining my shoots this morning (my usual routine), I saw something peculiar in my lettuce section. A bunch of miniature mushrooms have sprouted overnight. They're tiny, about the size of a newly germinated seedling. Don't you think they're adorable?

Since I am still hanging on to the good camera, I took a macro shot of my periwinkle too. It grew from the seeds I gathered from the garden downstairs.

My other plant is also flowering.

Suddenly I spotted a heliconia flower. I never knew I have this plant in my garden. It's left behind by the previous owner and had never flowered until now. I must have done something right!


  1. Hey, you got at least one potato, however small. And it's tiny AND cute! XD

    I'm just wondering: are the appearance of those mushrooms an indication that the soil is too wet? I'm not sure for veggies, since veggies need more water than other plants. But I know that when mushrooms appeared in my rosemary's pot, it indicated too much moisture for the temperate plant.

  2. Yes, indeed. You're very observant. The soil is very wet but I deliberately keep it that way. Reason is when I get home each day, sometimes the soil gets too dry and the seedlings lose too much moisture and shrivel up. These paper cups don't retain alot of moisture, so I have to over compensate on the watering.

  3. Ah. Nods. I thought that since the paper cups are waxed and thus water-retaining to an extent, then the soil might retain too much moisture.

  4. my eyes were so big when i saw the potato, and when u put the almond beside for perspective.....

    from O_O --> =__=

    hahahahahahaha.....i had a good laugh! hehehe.....

  5. Yah. That was my reaction too when I saw that potato! Like a ginkgo nut.