Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rain rain go away

We've been having a week of rain, including several heavy downpours. Whilst rain is good for my kang kong (below), my other delicate vegetable seedlings like spinach, kai lan and lettuce have sustained major damage.

The lack of sun and heavy rain have caused my seedlings to become too spindly and frail. Many have fallen over. Sigh.


  1. Maybe we should change to suit this weird climate. Plant more kangkong first, and learn more ways to cook kangkong.

    Then when the hot weathers come back, plant all the other varieties. =D

  2. Yah. This weather is too weird. I had better success during the hot spell. Now I know why veggie prices always go up during rainy season.

  3. *scribble notes*

    rainy days kangkong cheeper *WIDE GRIN*