Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exciting happenings

I'm quite excited to discover a young coriander seedling in my garden. Despite many attempts, my coriander seeds don't sprout easily or the delicate seedlings don't survive for very long. So,I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hope this will grow up to a decent size.

Unfortunately the chamomile seeds have not germinated. I should have followed Petunia's instructions carefully and planted them in the right medium ( 50% perlite and 50% TREF compost) instead of plonking them in my regular soil. I'll try to sow the next batch properly the next time.

Some of my tomato plants are not doing well at all. It pained my heart to remove a dying one from the garden over the weekend. Dying tomato plant can smell really bad.

One of them is producing lovely flowers. I hope it lives long enough to bear fruits. All my other dying plants went through this flowering phase before they started to wilt and shrivel up.

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