Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wild rocket

When I asked my friends to bring me some rocket seeds from UK, they brought me 2 kinds - cultivated and wild.

I sowed both seeds on the same day. The cultivated variety shot up quickly and were ready for harvest within a month. I've made salads on a few occasions. The leaves were peppery and flavourful.

The wild rocket seeds took a bit longer to grow. It has been 6 weeks and they look quite ready for eating now.

The leaves are more serrated than the cultivated variety and are supposed to have a stronger flavour too. That explains why the snails have steered clear of my rocket patch!

I shall make a wild rocket salad tonight!


  1. OOO!!!! Rocket leaves... I love them!! I always buy a pot of this plant and plant them. They will eventually die off because I would have either munch too much off or it is old. Sigh.. I have never seen the seed for rocket being sold in KL.

    By the way, if you could asked your friend as to where in UK did they get the seeds from, it would be much appreciated. I will be going to London this coming May and yes, I would love to bring back my supplies of seeds!

    Thanks! And what do you dress your salad with? I find balsamic vinegar with rocket is wicked!!

  2. Love to this salad but cant find the seeds to grow them here! Not going to London anytime soon either!

  3. Food so delicious - Ok, I will ask them but I have a feeling they can be found everywhere, in the nurseries and flower shops.

    Pity we can't get them here in the tropics.
    I use balsamic vinegar + djion mustard + olive oil to make the dressing.

  4. p3chandan - Yes, I couldn't find the here in Singapore either.

  5. Food so delicious - I've asked my friend where to buy seeds in London. Best place is a garden centre but some of the big supermarkets may have them. If you are staying in Central London, will be more difficult as there are fewer gardens there.

  6. Thanks Ting! I will try looking for it.