Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flowers are blooming

I came home after a heavy storm to find gardenia buds all over the floor. Heartache!

When I bought the gardenia plant few weeks ago, it was full of buds. Now half of them have fallen off. I wonder if it is nature's way of purging or I could just blame it on the storm. The healthy buds on the plant are beginning to open up this morning. By the end of the week, the entire plant would be filled with creamy white flowers. I can't wait!

The garden is filled with red and yellow blooms lately. It's quite shocking to see a big flower on my small heliconia plant.

The red passionflower is a recent purchase. We used to have a really large plant growing at my parent's yard. The flower is so gorgeous.

I've got a new periwinkle plant that produces delicate magenta flowers.

This plant with tiny yellow blooms is another recent buy. The leaves are so pretty.

Another yellow flower! This bromeliad used to belong to my son. It's too big to go into his terrarium, so it's mine now.


  1. Pretty! very pretty!!! I have never seen a yellow bromeliad. I have the red ones and it blooms often but never thought there will be a yellow one. Thanks for showing this yellow bromeliad.

    The red passionfruit flower is very pretty.. does it bear fruits? The color is most spectacular...

    Well done Ting.. The flowers are simply pretty!

  2. Thank you! The red passiflora is purely decorative and doesn't produce fruits.