Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not buts, just buds

The first time I tried growing bunching onions from seeds, I didn't succeed. The seeds germinated but the tiny seedlings were too delicate, they couldn't survive the heat and heavy rainfalls.

I decided to try again this year. I must admit that I was quite skeptical at first. The seedlings were so spindly and fine, they couldn't even keep themselves upright.

These slow growers seem to have shot up a lot recently. Now they're beginning to look more like bunching onions or scallions. Unlike other onions, they do not form bulbs. They will grow long and tubular, with green tops and white bottoms. I'm encouraged by the success, I should sow more seeds.

The dandelion plant (below) that Petunia gave me last year is budding again. It sounds quite silly to be crazy over a weed, but danlelion is so precious here. You can't find them growing wild in Singapore.

Gardeners may find it pesky but herbalists have nothing but good things to say about the dandelion. Every part of the plant is useful. Read about the benefits here.

I'm very fond of the lovely and fragrant gardenia flower. I used to grow them in my parent's yard.

When I spotted a new batch of gardenia plants at the nursery yesterday, I couldn't resist hauling one home. I chose one with plenty of buds. I'll be over the moon when they bloom!


  1. My hubby told me that in England - during his grandma's days, they used to have temperance bars where they serve these herbal potions in huge copper pots and tubes. Dandelion was served in those bars. Pity they are not around anymore.

  2. Sounds like our old style herbal shops that served guilingao and other herbal brews in the shiny copper vats!

  3. I remember reading in your blog about planting soya bean.. how did you do that? did you use the normal soya bean that is available in sundry shops or did you have to go get a special type of seeds?

    I am keen to grow some just for fun and would appreciate if you could let me know.


  4. Hi, I bought the ready-packed seeds from the seed supplier. I believe you can grow them from normal dried soya beans that we buy from the market. Give it a try.

  5. Hate the dandelion. it is a weed here where I Iive.

  6. I'm exploring growing some dandelion myself but not sure how to start. What kind of conditions does it need?

    On a separate note, I found your blog through Agy and it's amazing what you've done on your patio! I would love to bring my kid to your parent's farm as it sounds like it's thriving under your dad's super green fingers =)

  7. Hello, did you plant the dandelions yourself? I tried looking for dandelion flowers all over singapore but I can't find them! Do you know if any shops or any nurseries sells them? Thanks!:)