Friday, September 10, 2010


When the morning sun started streaming into the garden, I stood there and literally watched the turnera flowers blossom before my very eyes.

Stage 1 - the tight petals started to open up.

Stage 2 - Petals unfurling under the warm sunshine.

Stage 3 - Almost there.

Stage 4 - Tada!

The lipstick plant also makes me beam with joy. After the last flowering season in July, I wasn't quite sure if I would ever see flowers again. Then suddenly, little tube-like calyxs started appearing.

Some have red lipsticks emerging already.

The flowering season has begun!


  1. Hi Blur Ting, just got onto your blog...(I have been commenting on OKC's blog?) did not realise you have such green fingers... i do a bit of gardening too..though in southern australia. i also have a lipstick plant but mine has not borne any flowers yet...hmmmm...does it take long?

  2. Hi Sinfonia, this plant can be rather elusive. I have two in my garden. The one that was imported from elsewhere (a cooler climate) arrived with plenty of flowers but after the flowers fell off, it completely stopped flowering altogether. It has been almost 2 years.

    This other one in the photo was cultivated by a local nursery and the seller assured me that it will keep flowering. True enough, after the last flowering season in July, it is beginning to flower again, though not as profusely as before.

  3. Wonderful feeling watching the blooming process. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

    The lipstick flowers looks just like HelloKitty childrens' makeup item.

  4. Love the Tunera and Lipstick blooms. I know that feeling of joy when seeing blooms on our plants.

  5. It is such an inspiration to read your blog!
    I live in a small apartment now and there's no space to grow more than 2-3 pots of plants, but I'm looking fwd to a year later when we'll move to a bigger place where there'll be a space set aside for me to grow some vegetables and herbs! Wld you consider conducting lessons to newbies in gardening?