Friday, September 17, 2010

Everything's coming up roses

My friends, all avid gardeners, gathered at my house for lunch at the patio yesterday. Alas, our plans were thwarted by the rain. Why does it always have to rain when I have people coming to view the garden?!

We had a good time though, eating and chatting in the cool comfort of the living room. When they were gone, I walked out to discover a big palm-sized rose hidden amongst the foliage. I wish they had seen it!

The sun is finally out this morning and the plants are flaunting their blooms. The rose bud has transformed into a gorgeous creamy yellow flower.

The one below is already fading. Soon the petals will fall to the ground.

The cherry tomato plant is showing off more flowers than before. That will improve my chances of getting tomatoes.

I like how the turnera plants take advantage of the morning sun to showcase their pretty flowers. It's the best time to admire them in their full glory before they close hours later.

Now the weather is just right for a garden party. I sit under the umbrella and eat bruschetta, made using the left-over tomato salsa and french loaf from yesterday's party.

I read the papers while Rusty bathes in the warm sunshine.

It's the start of a lovely weekend.

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  1. Sounds lovely. Rusty is so cute! Nice to see you yesterday, Rusty!