Monday, September 27, 2010

The idea that grew and grew

As you would know by now, I have been working with a bunch of young kids to transform their school yard into a little green haven. With my limited resources, I could only bring seeds, stem cuttings and seedlings for them to grow every week.

They began to develop the joy of gardening and respect for nature. Some grew up deprived of parental love and never knew what it is like to care for others. In some ways, gardening helps bring out the nurturing side in them.

Working with these kids has been a rewarding experience. It has inspired me to work harder to make the garden a more productive one. The kids get so excited when they see results. They're eagerly anticipating a good harvest of sweetcorn. These aspiring entrepreneurs have sold mangoes and cookies in the school canteen to raise funds.

Their energy is so infectious, it has inspired me to work towards my own dreams. I began toying with the idea of combining my love for gardening and animals to create something inspiring yet practical.

Once the idea was planted in my head, it just grew and grew. Finally, the time has come to roll out the first product - The "Grow a Little Love Everyday" 2011 poster calendar.

Promotional flier.

Featuring animals, flowers, leaves (28 types, each painstakingly illustrated by a very talented artist) and heart-shaped trees, the calendar showcases nature at its whimsical best. I hope the graphics will lift one’s spirit and feed the soul, inspiring one to give a little love every day.

The A2 size full colour poster is printed on the elegant 170gsm Antalis Sensation Tradition, bright white paper stock. The dates are laid out at the bottom so that it can easily be cut off if you want to keep the print hanging after the year is over.

I'm shamelessly promoting here hoping my readers will help spread the word around. As you know, the window for selling 2011 calendar is rather short, so any help is greatly appreciated.

It makes a great Christmas gift! 'Love grows by giving' is my new mantra.

The retail price is S$10 (USD7.50) per piece. Shipping cost within Singapore is S$3 for one piece (packed in a cardboard tube) or S$3.50 if you order two pieces. I am happy to ship all over the world but the postal rate varies according to the destination. Please feel free to drop me an email or comment if you have any queries.

My aspiration is to make this new venture a success. Please keep a lookout for more new products to come. With more money in my pocket, I will be able to grow more flowers in the school garden. :-)


  1. It's an admirable cause that you are undertaking, Ting. Spreading love to the children and at the same time teaching them how to respect nature in an indirect manner. You are an inspiration too!

  2. What an inspirational idea! I love the work you do with the children too..reminded me of my own youthful years discovering abt growing plants! Hey I want a few of those calendars too...

  3. P3Chandran - Thanks! Hey, drop me an email on the quantity and your mailing address.

  4. You have done a great job, spreading love and cheer to kids and moulding the next generation to grow up to love nature and care for our Mother Earth. Good Luck on your calendar project and keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Ting, I'd like to get 2 posters please if the postage is about $5.50 - surface mail in tube. Hopefully the posters are not too heavy...Email me the total cost. I can pay by bank transfer or Paypal. Send to: Yin Mei Kelly P.O. Box 199 Woodbridge TAS 7162 Australia Thanks!

  6. I'll do that Yin Mei! Thanks again!

  7. email me at


  8. Ting, I got the posters...they are lovely! Contact me so I can pay you. Cheers!