Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet my carnivores

Guess what my vegetarian friend Patricia gave me for my birthday? A carnivore!

Yup, I was presented a Nepenthes, aka pitcher plant last night. This particular one looks fairly phallic to me, thanks to the unusual colour of the pitchers. With this carnivorous plant hanging in my bedroom window sill, I forsee there will be less ants and bugs in my room from now on.

Yesterday, I also inherited a venus flytrap from my son who thinks I can do a better job at keeping it alive. It's sitting in the shade, somewhere below the Nephentes. I hear it has a reputation for being difficult to grow but I like challenges, so, let's see how long it will last under my care.

Just about everyone knows how I like gardening so I wasn't too surprised to receive a pot of Gloxinia (instead of a bouquet of flowers) from my beloved on my birthday. He's being practical of course because this pot will keep producing me flowers, hopefully for many more birthdays.


  1. The gloxinia is really beautiful, isn't it. And it's such a good idea as a gift too!

  2. That Venus flytraps look so vicious..ready to snap your little fingers anytime! hehe...

  3. OKC - Indeed. Gloxinias can last for a long long time. The ones in my office are still going strong after 4 years!

  4. P3chandan - Hehe, they do look vicious in teh photo but in real life, they are so tiny, they're very vulnerable.