Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Robust vegetable

If you're looking for a vegetable that's robust, lasting and gorgeous, you should consider growing mustard green. The one in my patio is already 3 months old and more than a foot high.

The striking green leaves, being peppery, do not attract much pests except the odd snail or two.

They're easy and fast growers, not fussy about soil condition or the amount of sunlight they are getting. Mine does not get any direct sunlight at all yet it is going strong.

Look, it is even taller than Rusty!


  1. Yes I do agree it easy to grow mustard greens. I grown Komatsuna and pest will only have a go on my komatsuna if other brassica is not growing on the same area.

  2. That's huge, like the one we buy in market! Mustard green is bitter right? how you cook it?

  3. M-K girl - Heh heh, if I were a pest, I will choose the tastier leaves to chomp on too.

  4. Malar - I would fry them with dried shrimps and shallots but my friend says it tastes better when fried with oily meat.

  5. It is very rewarding to see the such a healthy and green plant. Is there anyway to get rid of the bitter taste?