Thursday, April 1, 2010


Women are known to enter a shoeshop to buy pantyhose and exit with a bag full of shoes they don't need. I'm not that crazy about shoes but I must admit that certain plants can make me go weak in the knees.

I went to the nursery to get a small hoe and ended up purchasing a bunch of herbs that I already have in my garden. There is no comparison of course, the dill and basil in the shop were already flowering while mine are merely in the early stage of germination.

How can a gardener resist this beautiful dill? We only see dill as a garnishing in the restaurant, it's not often that we get to see them in their full glory.

Look at how delicately gorgeous the dill flower is!

While I have several pots of sweet basil growing in my garden, I have only started growing the other kind of basil used in making pesto. The seeds that I have sowed a week ago have already germinated but it'll take a long time before I can actually use them for cooking.

When I saw this healthy basil plant in the nursery, I had to bring it home.

Basil flower

Basil plant

For the sake of my pineapple growing experiment, I ate 2 whole pineapples so that I could plant the 'tops' in soil.

Since I was already getting my hands dirty, I decided to try growing yam too. If these grow properly, I am going to transplant them into the school garden and hope that someday the kids can make pineapple tarts or yam cake during their cooking sessions.


  1. So cute that little yam :-D The school is fortunate to have someone like you. I hope the students get to watch how to do transplanting and later take care of the plants.

    Btw, the dill flowers are pretty.

  2. I brought the yam to school for transplating into the ground and the kids saw how the roots have already formed. I guess they learned something that day.