Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amazing Rosemary!

Years ago, I remember helping a friend destroy an entire patch of rosemary that had overtaken his backyard. While it is precious commodity here in Singapore, the rosemary bush is sometimes treated like a weed in California. It annoyed him so much that we practically hacked the life out of that unruly shrub. What a pity!

Then again, it must have quickly sprung back to life soon after I left San Francisco. Back in Singapore, I've heard stories of how people struggle to keep their rosemary alive in our wet tropical climate.

Well, I already know that rosemary thrives in dry, mediterranean climate. The one that we chopped down was HUGE, I had never imagined they could grow so big!

When I bought a small one for my patio garden, I was merely trying my luck. Not only did it manage to stay alive for many months, it outgrew the plastic pot it came in. I transferred it into a large Mediterranean-inspired terracotta pot to give it more room to grow.

And how it grew. It's now a shrub, a good looking one too. Then something amazing happened. I thought I saw little white flowers today.

Indeed, the plant has produced bunches of tiny white flowers.

Not one.

Or two.

But three!

Wow, I'm still amazed.


  1. what!? My rosemary is like barely surviving... sigh... u really are Ms Green Fingers! :)

  2. OKC - Trying putting it in a sunny location and don't water it too much.

  3. Blur Ting, this is one news that I like to hear! Last year, I went shopping with a friend. She needed rosemary for a dish. She bought those little rosemary plant from the supermarket ( I am sure the supermarkets in Singapore also sells them). As usually, we don't normally need to use that plenty right. After pinching some, she planted the little pot of rosemary into her garden. It grew! So, now it's confirm that we can grow rosemary here :-D I must get one for my garden as well. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience Blur Ting!

  4. Stephanie - Yes, they grow very well in the tropics. If you must buy one, get from the nursery instead of the supermarket. In fact, I have successfully grown small plants from stem cuttings of the big plant. If you know someone in your area who has a rosemary plant, ask them for some cuttings. When you get home, poke the cuttings deep into a pot of soil and some (probably not all) may root and grow.

  5. This is absolutely awesome, Ting! Your rosemary bush is doing really well, and looking very great. I'm imagining the fragrance you can get when you brush your hand across it. :D

  6. Indeed, my garden is infused with a nice smell even when I water the rosemary plant!

  7. Thanks for your advice! I will get those in the nurseries or a cutting. Btw, I have a peppermint plant that also releases its nice smell even when I water and sometimes just voluntarily :-D Have a wonderful weekend.