Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Growing Veggies

I've started growing vegetables again. Last week, I sowed kale, cabbage, bak choy and basil seeds in planter boxes.

I also sowed some mustard green seeds even though my kids do not like to eat them. Mustard green has a bitter taste but being a showy plant, it looks great in flower pots.

I could make preserved vegetables out of them when they're past their prime and no longer attractive. Of course it's too early to count the chickens... because the seeds have not even germinated yet.

I was excited to find purple balsam growing in a friend's garden. I haven't grown balsam in a long time and requested for some seeds. They germinated quickly and are growing well.

I had always thought that blue ginger (galangal) can only grow well in the ground until I saw the lush potted one in my friend's garden. Encouraged by her success, I went out and bought myself a piece of galangal from the wet market and plonked it into a large pot of soil. I am counting on this 40-ct investment to generate large clumps of ginger so I could make braised duck or curries more often.


  1. Never give up :-D

    Mustard green is a big vege. You have to use a big pot for mustard green right? I have seen big cabbage in individual pots and they look really cute. I can imagine this mustard green to be as cute also ;-)

    You braise duck with blue ginger? That's interesting! I usually just use the normal one.

  2. Stephanie - I have seen mustard green growing beautifully in a medium sized plastic pot. They can get big on the ground.

    Blue ginger adds a really nice fragrance to duck, braised teochew style in dark soy sauce. It really makes a difference to the taste!

  3. I'll try blue ginger for duck next time. Thx :-D