Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waste not...

I bought some sweet potato leaves to make a stir fry one day and couldn't bear to discard the leftover stems. I simply poke them into a pot and look at them now! They're creeping all over my garden. I wouldn't grow them in the ground because they're such invasive plants!

I rummaged through the box of seeds in my fridge and found these 'sweet jean corn'. I doubt they'll grow well in my patio. Now that I'm volunteering in the primary school, I've decided to grow them in the school garden. I sow them at home so I could transplant into the school yard when they're bigger. They've germinated just after 2 days. I think they're really cute.


  1. I love sweet potato leaves! Wow.. they look pretty too! :)

  2. Remember the purple ones we saw at Leahs'? Those are really pretty!