Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, how they grow!

I've got lots of babies in my garden now. The seeds that I have sowed a week ago have all germinated.

I have 3 types of lettuce in different containers including seeds which my friend sent from Korea.

The chye sim and bai cai (below) vegetables have also sprouted.

The sharp leave spinach seedlings look rather crowded but they'll grow up fine.

The larger kang kong seeds were the last to germinate but they sure grow up quickly.

Even the shallots are making progress. I will have spring onions in no time.

Finally, look at the amaryllis below.

Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. The veges are looking great!

    I really love the sight of your amaryllis - stunning! Do you place the pot of plant under the sun or in shade? The leaves look very fertile. Good job!

  2. They're currently in an area whcih doesn't get alot of sun all day. When I bought them, they were placed completely in the shade.

  3. When I bought mine, they were completely in the sun. In my garden, they got sunburnt. Now they are parked at a semi-shade that receives some afternoon sun. In anycase, it is good for me know to know they couln't take sun whole day. I was just thinking about moving them out in the sun again. Now it's confirm that I shouldn't do that. Thanks for sharing!

    Another reason for not doing that is when it rains heavily the leaves will be spoilt by the rain fall.